Where Can I Buy Gym Equipment in Louisiana?

Where Can I Buy Gym Equipment in Louisiana?

When it comes to deciding where to buy your gym equipment, it can be quite a hard process to go through as you have to consider several factors. These include things such as whether or not the store has the best brands/selections, the best prices, the safety of the products, and the availability of testing products out before buying. 

There are multiple options with a lot of variables but it is undeniable that in Louisiana, Fitness Expo is the best choice when it comes to all of these factors. 

They have the best equipment from the best brands with wide selections to choose from varying from vibration machines to rowers. The fitness equipment cost is unbeatable by any other gym equipment stores. All products ensure the user’s safety and they have demos for most of their equipment to help customers make the right decision.

Our Origin in Selling Gym Equipment in Louisiana

In 1980, back when the fitness industry was still quite small, the Rice family opened up the very first Fitness Expo Showroom. Almost 40 years later, they still make sure that all items being sold are top quality and let their customers try their products. 

This makes Fitness Expo one of the oldest and most reputable fitness retailers in the country. 

We have four locations in Louisiana specifically in Baton Rouge, Shreveport, Metairie, and Kenner. Metairie is host to the original Fitness Expo store, and it is still managed by the Rice family. 

Most people realize that when it comes to maintaining fitness, well-being, and generally exercising, fitness machines are the way to go. And the best way to get these products is through our Fitness Expo in Louisiana. 

We offer the absolute top of the line products, which will enhance your workout experience. Of course, bad gym equipment will not improve your results and it will usually end up with worse results than normal, which is why it’s so important to get good quality gym equipment. 

Unparalleled Selection

All our equipment is designed for maximum comfort and safety while still being wonderfully functional. 

We have a wide selection of spin bikes, treadmills, weights, and rowers from several different brands. 

We want to ensure that our customers have as many options as possible for their satisfaction whether they need single stations or weights for their at-home exercising. 

At Fitness Expo, we make sure that every customer will find exactly what they want for their exercise equipment. We have the best fitness equipment brands for purchase at our stores for both commercial and residential use. 

After all, exercising shouldn’t be something only associated with gyms- it should be something that’s able to be done in homes as well! Fitness is too important to keep it in just one place, after all. 

With our selection of products, you can maintain your fitness by just walking into a different room in your home.

If you’re conflicted about what fitness equipment would be good for you, don’t worry. We have quite a lot of options for you:

Our machines and equipment are supplied to us by the biggest and the best brands in the business, with famous and recognizable brands like:

  • Helix
  • Horizon
  • Inspire
  • LeMond
  • LifeCore
  • Octane
  • Matrix
  • Powerblock
  • Spri
  • Torque
  • Stairmaster
  • Precor

With our products, there are no complicated set-ups or button pressing- it is all user-friendly.

Visit a Fitness Expo Today

If you’re skeptical at all about our equipment, you should come on down and try them for yourself. We have showrooms with free demos for almost all of our products, so feel free to come check out our selection.

Now that you know more about our products and where they come from, be sure to check out Fitness Expo in any of our four locations in Louisiana as soon as you can. 

Nowadays, you don’t need that gym membership card to get your exercise in- all you need is one of our products!