Which Gym Equipment is Best for the Chest?

Which Gym Equipment is Best for the Chest?

When it comes to picking out what gym equipment to use or what you’d want to take home for your own personal gym equipment, it can be a little puzzling as to what exactly is the best investment for each muscle group. 

If you’re here, though, we’re talking about building up muscle in and sculpting the chest in the most efficient way possible.

Working Your Chest With Free Weights and Benches

Of course, there is no doubt that using free weights can get you where you want, and there’s no reason to scoff and turn away from using the bench and just benching iron to develop your upper body strength. 

It’s perfectly viable to build strength in this way, but it may not get you the immediate bulk and look that you want, which is why the usage of machines has only grown more popular over the years in the bodybuilding and sculpting communities. 

It is, however, worth noting that if you are trying to build muscle on a bench press, you may want to consider your position. 

Trying Out the Seated Benches

Seated bench presses that work your body at an angle are actually fantastic for setting up strong upper pecs and are superior at engaging your pecs as a focus group, making it preferable if that’s exactly what you want to develop. 

The traditional bench press also works for these groups, but the workload gets shared among muscle groups in your back. 

That being said, the position you choose depends on what you need to develop the most from your current frame. 

Obviously, when shopping for equipment for your home gym, then it’s obvious that a multi-press that can swap between the positions is the most space-efficient way to get the best of both worlds.

Moving forward from the seated bench press is the iso incline press. 

This machine focuses on the upper pecs, just like the seated bench, but transfers it into using a machine rather than free weights. 

This makes the workout smoother, safer, and what’s big for bulking is it allows you to push yourself to your limits without risking the same kinds of injuries that free weights can cause. 

This is also the way you’d want to go if you’re working out at home without a spotter as if you can’t have anyone there to keep you safe you should at least have a machine there to keep the weights from falling down on you.

Many of these styles of machines also offer the option to work one arm at a time giving you the opportunity to focus on the weaker side of your chest and even yourself out by doing a few extra reps on just your weaker side.

Chest Workouts With Gym Equipment

The next and possibly best machine for developing your pecs is the aptly named pec-dec. 

The pec-dec offers a unique workout that allows you to completely contract and stretch your pecs out with a full range of motion, helping you develop slabs of muscle for well developed pectoral muscles giving you the perfect well-built chest. 

While it might be a bit much for your home gym, if that is what you’re looking for, there are multi-systems like the Powertec Workbench Multi System, which has modules for you to customize for your bodybuilding needs. 

This is done by mixing and matching modules to create your own custom body-sculpting centerpiece for your home gym.

Finally, to finish out your body sculpting for your chest, you want to invest time in working with a cable crossover station. 

These machines are incredibly versatile in the range of motion for exercises that they allow you to perform while giving you more customizable resistances than resistance bands. 

This single machine can provide you the same focused workouts of the machines mentioned above in a relatively compact package. If you could only choose one of these to work on, this is the one to do your work on.

When you’re ready to get your chest toned, ripped, shredded, buff, or in any other impressive shape from working out the right way, it’s time to head to the Fitness Expo in Mississippi or one of our Louisiana locations. 

Our experienced fitness specialists will be glad to help you get on the right track to a chest you can finally be proud of.