Why Vision X20 Is an Excellent Elliptical for Beginners

Why Vision X20 Is an Excellent Elliptical for Beginners

The Vision X20 is loaded with features that are designed to appeal to the novice user. Thanks to the features combined with the performance of this model, the Vision X20 ranks highly as a machine that is designed for beginners and will provide excellent performance. Here are some of the features that the Vision X20 has to offer.

Natural Walking and Running

The Vision X20 goes further to offer a natural walking or running motion thanks to the overlapping pedals and flatter ellipse. These features make running or walking in a natural form easier than ever. In addition, the oversized pedals make it easier to retain one’s balance while exercising.

Getting Started Is Easy

The Classic console of the Vision X20 was specifically designed to help users get started on the workout immediately. The only thing that needs to be done in order to to get started is to press the Go button. Immediately the workout will begin and users can opt to change features such as the resistance or workout time while to work out is in progress. The display also features the option to work with five different preset workouts with just the press of a button. Now getting started on the Vision X20 does not have to be complicated. Beginner users can spend less time bothering with the features of the machine and more time on the workout!


For beginner users, it is very important to have access to the workout features to ensure that the proper heart rate and other metrics are being achieved during the course of the workout. The display will track metrics such as distance, resistance, watts, heart rate, RPM, calories and mets. All of these metrics can be used to determine if a quality workout is being delivered. If the workout is not up to speed or is too intense, the machine allows for easy adjustment of the workout program.

Preset Programs

The Vision X20 offers several preset programs which make this machine ideal for beginners. The programs that are included are designed for both walking and interval training so that users can challenge themselves as needed. One-touch options make it easy to control the speed and resistance.

For beginners that just want to get started on working out, the Vision X20 offers several features options that permit them to do just that. In addition, the Vision X20 is designed to stand up to the demands that come along with regular use.

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