Why You Need to Invest in Exercise Equipment

Why You Need to Invest in Exercise Equipment

Fitness Machines for Your Home or Business

If you’re a manager for an apartment complex, university student life program, recreation department or resort, you’ve probably spent some time in fitness equipment stores browsing gym equipment for sale. Part of your job is making sure residents, customers, or students stay healthy and happy – and a gym equipment can encourage good health habits and boost mood.

Investing in an Exercise Equipment

If your business doesn’t yet have exercise equipment or a gym for your clients, here are three major reasons that can benefit both you and your clients:

Exercise equipment shows a commitment to others’ well-being

We all want to be around people who care about us.

If you own a resort or hotel, offering a workout room equipped with the latest gym equipment shows your customers that you care about their well-being. You don’t simply provide them with a place to sleep, after all: you provide them with a place to refresh, to stop after a long journey; a temporary home from which they can enjoy exploring a new destination.

Commercial gym equipment can also integrate your hotel or resort into their vacation experience: maybe guests make memories going for a run together after a dinner out on the town, or challenge each other to an elliptical race before heading on a long drive to their next destination.

Since it rains almost twice a week here in Kenner, treadmills can be especially attractive; you can help increase your guests’ confidence by keeping them on-track with their running workout whatever the weather (we recommend the BH Fitness LK700TI Treadmill, since it doesn’t need to be lubricated for up to two years and is easy on runners’ feet). Creating experiences for your guests inside your hotel cements its place in their memory as the best place to stay – and the best place to return to on the next trip.

If you manage a university student life program or apartment building, your exercise equipment can give your residents a sense of security and care. Rather than just becoming “a place to live,” you position yourself as “a place to thrive” and “a place to become a better person.” By offering an exercise area, your residence can be the place they finally lose 20 pounds and regain their confidence or train for their first half-marathon. Looking for commercial gym equipment for sale isn’t just an arbitrary choice: it shows you care enough about others to help them enjoy life more fully through fitness.

Quality gym equipment raises the value of your services

Not only will a fitness center show your commitment to well-being, but it will raise the value of your residence, office, or service.

Think about it: The cost of a gym membership ranges from $10 to $100+ per month. Even if you go with the lowest tier – $10 per month – you can’t forget the savings your clients will have in gas (not needing to drive to the gym) and time (with the convenience of the gym on-site).

When you multiply the savings of one individual per month by the number of customers you serve, it can more than pay off your commercial gym equipment. Commercial gym equipment isn’t just elliptical and rowing machines, either: if your customers are more trend-savvy, consider buying some spin bikes for them to use with their friends, like the snazzy BH Fitness LK500IC Indoor Cycle.

Commercial gym equipment is low-maintenance and low-cost, compared to other fitness options

If you’re considering offering fitness options at your business, or if you’ve noticed your clients are fitness-centered and would appreciate workout options, browsing gym equipment for sale is one of the simplest ways to incorporate health and well-being into your services.

Most other options involve hiring some sort of instructor (like a yoga teacher), trainer (such as a personal trainer) or guide (like a running guide) on a regular basis. And while you may hire an instructor for fitness courses, there is no guarantee that guests, customers, residents, or students will be able to attend the courses offered. This doesn’t just lower the value of your services (why pay extra for something you can’t attend?) but it also can frustrate your clients. If you’re not interested in fielding calls about changing course times, consider investing in gym equipment instead.

Gym equipment is low-cost to maintain. The main hazards with gym equipment are dirt, dust, and sweat, which can cause the equipment to become slippery; these can be eliminated through regular cleaning (and if you’re considering offering fitness courses, you’d have to clean the workout room anyway). Gym equipment needs to be regularly checked for loose bolts and cable frays, but fixing these is routine – no surprises, simply label the machine as “Out of Service” and contact your local service center for help. While your clients may get hours of use out of equipment, you’ll only need to spend minutes each day making sure it’s available.

Finally, gym equipment can cater to all ages and fitness levels. We especially like the Octane XR6XI Smart Elliptical: since it’s seated, it won’t injure your clients’ knees or backs. If you offer fitness classes, you’ll want to offer classes targeting a variety of muscle groups (high-intensity impact training for those who like cardio, but low-impact strength training for those with knee injuries) as well as consider the ages of your typical clients (seniors have different fitness needs than young adults). By purchasing commercial gym equipment, you eliminate that complexity by providing fitness options for all bodies and styles.

What are you waiting for?

If you’ve been browsing fitness equipment stores around Kenner, wondering whether you should buy new gym equipment for your business, don’t wait. Gym equipment helps you become part of your clients’ lifestyle; it also increases your value without significantly increasing your maintenance or cost.

Gym equipment is an investment that can pay off for you and customers for decades to come – so why not start now? Contact Fitness Expo today and our equipment specialists can help you find the perfect fit for any home or business.